One Shirt, Three Ways

I love shopping.


I love it!

There’s nothing better than pulling a new shirt, skirt, or necklace out of your closet and knowing that you’ve never worn it before. It’s reminiscent of Christmas morning!

Now I’m not a credit-card-addicted, crazy shop-a-holic or anything, but I do appreciate new clothing. Being a teacher in a high school, and previously a middle school, I understand the need for a change in my closet. My students notice what I wear on a daily basis and will straight up call me out if I *gasp* wear the same outfit the week after I wore it originally! Oh the horror!

I’m sure there will be people that say that my profession does not dictate my need for new clothing, but I bet there’s a study out there that says that kids pay better attention to a well-dressed teacher than a teacher who wears the same thing week after week.

I shop for my “teacher clothes” mainly at Ann Taylor LOFT, Banana Republic, J. Crew outlet, and Target because of their reasonable prices and “professional, but still young” look.

I bought this blouse from LOFT about 6 months ago on sale. It is one of the most versatile pieces in my closet because it can be mixed and matched with many of my bottoms and cardigans to create a whole new outfit. For instance, I can pair it with my black polka dot skirt for a simple, but fun outfit at the beginning of the month. (note: don’t mind the slippers and boots behind me…)

shirt 2

And then transition it at mid month by switching out my black skirt for my gray one and adding a leopard belt and flats to add some character…

shirt 3

And it works for after-school activities too (say, drinks with the hubs) if I change into my favorite skinnies!


Shopping List:
Red Blouse – LOFT – $20, sale
Polka Dot Skirt – Banana Republic – $35
Gray Skirt – LOFT outlet – $20
Skinny Jeans – GAP – $35, sale
Leopard Belt – Target – $8
Leopard Flats – Target – $15


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