Reclaimed Wood Obsession

Happy Wednesday! Just one more day until my sister comes down to Florida to help me drive back up to Ohio with the pup for Spring Break! Apologies ahead of time for any missed blog posts next week as I will be hosting my sister’s bridal shower and trying to see mine and Jeff’s families all in one short week!

Anywho…It’s Wednesday, which means that we are going to be talking about my obsession with all things home-related! Every time that I post on Wednesdays, it makes me itch to get into our apartment in Cali and start organizing and decorating!

I have been pinning quite a bit lately in relation to my (non-existant) future home and i find myself being attracted to everything reclaimed wood. I love the vintage, country vibe that has such a modern feel to it, too. From a shelf put behind a couch for extra surface space…

reclaimed wood 1

To a bathroom wall re-do…

reclaimed wood 3

And a mason jar “chandelier”…

reclaimed wood 2

My obsession is taking over my Around the House board! It’s a really good thing I married a guy who is a Construction Management major, and is so handy and loves wood-working huh?! I see lots of reclaimed wood in our eventual-first-home future!

Photo credits:
sadie + stella
Mandy Jean Chic
The Life of CK and Nate


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