Travels to Ohio and Missed Posts

So all I can say is “I told you so!”

As I assumed, I’ve missed a couple posts during my traveling day (Friday) and my sister’s wedding shower day (Saturday). So here’s what you missed:

Fitness Friday: HiitBody workout Day 1: Fitness Challenge
Lisa at is not only a super-fit gorgeous inspiration for anyone looking to get fit, but is realistic in her quest to help others start a healthy lifestyle. She motivates me through the days when I feel like I don’t have the time or motivation to work out since all of her workouts are 12 minutes or less. Lately, her personal videos on Facebook have helped me push past my wanting for junk food so I can stay on track with my fitness goals. I love her!!

Saturday – What’s on my Mind? Wedding Shower Galore!!
I was tasked with the mission to plan my sister’s wedding shower in Ohio….from Florida…
All she gave me for direction was that she wanted “muted neutrals” as her color theme. I ended up designing her invites and centered her theme around “country vintage” and used burlap as my main inspiration. She chose ivory, sage, and lilac as her shower colors. Here’s what some of the details looked like:

  photo image

Shower Invite 1

I will be posting my regular Sunday Recipe of the Week tonight so be on the lookout! Thanks for keeping up with me! I keep getting emails about new followers and I cannot thank you guys enough for encouraging me!! You all ROCK!


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