Classroom Twitter and Sriracha Shrimp Update

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

If you read Sunday’s post, you’ll see that I didn’t have a chance to make the Sriracha Shrimp & Pesto Bruschetta (as I’m now calling it). I made it tonight, however, and it got RAVE reviews from my family! I think they’re a little biased, but they are usually brutally honest if they don’t like something, so I’ll count it as a win! Check it out, now with pictures: Recipe of the Week: Pesto, Sriracha Shrimp, & Basil

Now onto today’s post: Classroom Twitter!


Yes, I have a classroom Twitter. #followme @MrsVanCuren 😉 (was that in kid speak well enough?!) I use both my actual teaching Twitter account as well as a dry-erase version that’s posted on my storage closet door in my classroom. I use both for everything from exit slips to class discussions. The kids really like being able to take out their phones in class to tweet me responses and get excited when I tweet them back. As a teacher with a Master’s in Educational Technology, I understand that you can use social media in an educational setting, if and only if you set strict ground rules. My kids know that if they are going to tweet me, either on Twitter or on my door, that the responses need to be well thought out, school appropriate, and educationally-based. If they do not follow these rules, they will earn a zero for that grade and get a referral. So far, I have yet to have a problem!

If you are hesitant to actually use a Twitter account to reach your secondary students, however, I find that my students love my dry-erase version just as much! It’s an easy way to keep track of their daily learning in a clear, concise manner. All I did was draw the shapes for the response tiles in Word and print them out. I got each tile laminated at School Aides, the local teacher supply store, where the entire board cost me about $3.00 to laminate! Cha-Ching! If your school offers free laminating, then definitely go for that for a super low cost board!!

528143_10102013449463055_1543878783_n 564046_10102014336425575_813853527_n

If any of you out there are interested in using this in your classroom, leave me a comment below and I can send you the templates I created! Just change the picture and name on the Teacher Tile and you’re good to go!


3 thoughts on “Classroom Twitter and Sriracha Shrimp Update

  1. This is such a great idea! Can I please get your template? Also what did you use to attach them to the door? Do you use Velcro so students can take it down & put it back up?

    • Jocelyn,
      I will look in my files and send you the ones I have, but I think they may be PDF files. I just taped them to my door and hung a marker cup/ eraser for the kids to write on them before they exited the classroom.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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