Kitchen Cabinet Organization

If you’re anything like me, you have every gadget available for purchase at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in your kitchen! I love the little do-dads that make cooking easier, but they take up so much space! When I finally get settled out in Cali this summer, I am bound and determined to organize my kitchen from top to bottom so it works for me, not so I have to work to use it. Here are a couple things that I plan on doing:


Inexpensive towel bars make great additions to the inside of cabinet doors to hold pot lids. Not only are they organized, but easily accessable when you need one! Genious!


Staying with the “mounting inside cabinets” theme, L-bracketing a magazine rack to the inside of your cabinet door makes an awesome cutting board holder.


For a “no-hardware-necessary” job, installing a tension rod to the cleaning supply cabinet underneath your kitchen sink gives you the option to hang all of those spray bottle cleaners (think: Windex, 409, Resolve, Febreeze, etc.)


Using all of the space available in a tiny kitchen (especially our small apartment kitchen!) is an absolute MUST, so Jeff will be using his carpentry talents to build me one of these bad boys this summer! Imagine all of the space you could save in your pantry if you could store non-parishable cans and jars in that small unused space between the wall and the fridge!

I hope these few ideas help you get organized in the kitchen so that way you can try out a few of my Recipe of the Week recipes 🙂

Photo Credits:
Towel Bars – Martha Stewart
Magazine Rack Holder – artlovefashion
Under the Sink Rod – Little Bit Funky
Skinny Food Storage Shelf – IHeart Organizing


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