Nail Art for the Impatient

Before I start my Wardrobe post for this week, make sure you check out the updated Easter post, now with PICTURES!! Woo-Hoo!

So the hubs was shocked about 2 months ago at the fact that my nails were painted a solid cherry red. When I asked why he was surprised (I wear nail polish ALL THE TIME!), he responded with, “They have no design on them! I’ve never seen your nails without some little spots or stripes or something on them!”

I guess in the past few years I have gotten a little more creative with my nails and never realized what an impact they can have on your overall outfit. Simply adding spots or glitter can jazz up your nails and become an accessory all in its own! Nail designs normally take patience, time, and skill, but even a beginner nail artist can add dots and design to their nails!

An easy DIY nail tool to make dots? A straight pin in a pencil eraser!

10439_10102154725584575_331607209_n 480970_10102004585097315_1379564448_n

You can even use the tool to make designs like this one I made for a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser my students were holding!


Or add a little sparkle to the base of your nails with a little glitter polish.


The possibilities are really endless with a little glitter polish and a straight pin! Try some of these techniques out, and leave me a comment with a picture of your designs! I’m always looking for new ideas!


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