“Metal” Look Letters

I am getting more excited by the day to make my way out to California (73 days!) and get to decorating our new apartment! Jeff is being so sweet and letting me have full reign over decorating our master bedroom, master bath, and guest bathroom. What a nice guy….he he he…if he only knew what he was getting himself into 🙂

All kidding aside, I don’t plan on going crazy or anything, but I really want to include a few elements that I’ve been posting in my Around The House posts. Lately I’ve been finding myself gravitating towards these awesome DIY “metal” look letters. They can be used for so many rooms in so many ways, it’s unbelievable!

In our guest bathroom, I want to use this complete design, but DIY it all myself! Check out those BATH metal letters!


In the living room or office, I want to put a big V, since it will be our first apartment together with the same last name. I also really like this organizer for an office or living room, too, so I might take the one that I use as an end table in our bedroom and transform it into something like this!


These letters are super easy, and really cheap to make yourself. Grab the letters you want from the craft store (Michael’s and JoAnn’s sell them for sure!) and some metal tone paint; many tutorials I have seen use Rust-oleum Hammered Spray Paint; and get to work!

For easy to use instructions on making these letters, head over to the Glimmer and Grit blog now!

BATH letters
Office Organizer – Me Oh My Blog




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