Happy Sunday everyone! Since I’m working on my recipe of the week this afternoon and I missed my post yesterday because of my crazy schedule, I figured I’d tell you all about Prom on Friday night in pictures:

6:10pm My roommate and I arrive at the zoo and take a golf cart back to the dancing area. This is what we are greeted by:

IMG_1663 IMG_1660

6:30pm: Time for dinner, but before we did that, we HAD to get a quintessential prom photo!


7:00pm The kids arrive. We decide to wander down to the giraffe area while they are shuffling in. We find this awesome elephant structure and decide to have a photo shoot then feed the giraffes:

IMG_1674 IMG_1667

IMG_1670  IMG_1671

8:00pm Dancing is in full swing. The kids are having a blast! Darkness falls upon the zoo and all of the lights illuminate the night:


10:00pm Exit Duty. Proceed to take pictures of EVERYTHING around us, even though half of our pictures come out blurry 🙂

 IMG_1676IMG_1675 IMG_1677

All in all, it was the best prom yet! I think every student had a blast and will have memories for a lifetime!

Don’t Forget: Pop in later today for the weekly recipe: Carnitas!


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