Stripes, Stripes, and More Stripes!

With my hubby being in the Navy, he gives me constant grief about being “too nautical”. As I keep telling him, I was drawn to stripes, anchors and the color combo of navy, red, and white far before we ever got together 🙂 Lately, however, my stripe-based wardrobe has exponentially increased. I’ve got striped sweaters, striped tanks, striped button downs, and striped cardigans! And the things I don’t have that are striped, I want!

When it comes to wearing stripes, I suggest pairing them with the classics: jeans, solid color shorts, or a pencil skirt. I also like the look of layering my stripes under classic cardigans, blazers, and jackets. Here are a couple pieces that I am loving from my closet:

IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1707
Stores: (left to right) Banana Republic, LOFT, Target

Also, here are a few outfits that will be entering my closet very soon:

3cdd7a3dc21207e25bf64a0f19a18e5c b25ee2c2776475d9005f1238c33e3cb2 c345dac71963b6734da7993cc469f88d
b014200afd39eafcee1fae6ea009d11d 70928d22a46aad558ab2f9396b63b9e2 1b6ca14cef74dc81c76be7597aeffe05
Photo credits: (left to right) Tumblr, Pinterest, Tumbler
Bright Bold Beautiful, Lilly’s Style, J’s Everyday Fashion


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