All Moved In and Today’s Outfit!

Hey guys! I missed you all over the weekend!! Since Jeff came in Friday night and we moved into the new apartment on Saturday afternoon, we were unable to get our internet set up. I swear I will have it up by this weekend though so I can get you all a new Recipe of the Week! I’ll also be giving you guys a sneak peek of the new place on Wednesday’s Around the House post!

Today’s outfit picture is courtesy of Polyvore. Have you guys seen this website?! Instead of taking pictures of all of my outfits on me, I can Polyvore them and show you the separate pieces! Amazing!

Before I show you my outfit, I wanted to let you all know that I’m going on a Shopping Fast. That means no more clothes shopping unless it’s an emergency (i.e. Atlas tears up my only pair of black flats, etc.) until I move to Cali mid-June. That’s right! 2.5 months of NO NEW CLOTHING! Yikes! With the added rent payment for the new apartment, i thought it wouldn’t be fair to the hubs to be out spending money on clothing since I decided I’d rather live on my own than with roommates. So with that being said, expect to see LOTS of recycled, restyled outfits for the next 8-10 Mondays!

Today’s outfit is called Red, Black, and Leopard All Over:


I tucked the tee into my favorite pencil skirt and fastened the belt at my natural waist to break up the look and add some flair! A cool necklace and a teased ponytail would totally complete the look. I would have been all over that, had I not gotten 5 hours of sleep due to Atlas being sick part of the night…oh well, next time 🙂

Black Scoop Neck Tee – Banana Republic Outlet – $10 SALE
Red Pencil Skirt – LOFT Outlet – $20 SALE
Leopard Flats and Belt – Target – $15 and $8 respectively

Simple. Cute. Classy with Personality. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Leave me a picture of your favorite Polyvore!


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