Around MY House!

As some of you know, I recently moved into a new apartment. Not only is it spacious and beautiful, but Atlas has a ton of room to play in now! How do I manage that with only 785 sq. ft, you ask?

I have no furniture!!

Yep, you heard me right; I have NO (as in zero) furniture! No, I’m not on some crazy “empty apartment” kick…Let me explain…

Since we got orders to move to California in December, we scheduled the Navy to come pack all of of things up in January, thinking that we’d have an apartment to move into in February when my husband reported during his check-in week. Well, because of our cuddly little monster who will weigh far over the 40 pound weight limit when I get out to Cali, we had to switch from our scheduled second floor apartment to a first floor. The awesome first floor apartment wouldn’t be ready for move in until the beginning of March, while Jeff was scheduled to be in Virginia in training! Yikes! So needless to say, while I’m still here in Florida and hubs is jumping around the country for training, I have minimal possessions with me, having thought Jeff would need all of our stuff to get settled in Cali when he was there…

If that doesn’t sound confusing to you, re-read it…my head is spinning and it makes little sense to me and I’m living it! Long story short, we had our stuff moved because I was staying with friends to save money, but if you read last week’s posts, you’ll see that I needed my own space in the end 🙂

So anyhow, I’m in this cute little apartment with the following items:
Twin mattress (that we just bought so I didn’t have to share Atlas’s bed!)
Two outdoor chairs and a folding tray table
Atlas’s stuff (he has more than I do!)
My Clothes (well, half of it…the other half in in Cali!)
A Shower curtain, towels, and toiletries

That’s it! So now I’m on a mission to spruce up the place with little touches that I can take with me to decorate the Cali Apartment once I get there in June! Here’s what I have so far:

All Items from Target – Rustic Nautical theme to be completed in Cali

image 2

Organization by clothing type & color


Chairs and Table from Target

image 3

Front Door:
$7 homemade wreath – Wreath from Michaels ($5), Flowers from Dollar Tree ($1), Wooden “V” from Michaels ($1)



One thought on “Around MY House!

  1. I would LOVE to have our stuff cleared out!! “Stuff” requires allot of time and management!! So I would imagine you have a quick clean up and lots of time for fun!! Everything looks lovely and put away…good job!! And good job making the best of it all!! I pray you are back with your husband soon and all is good to go!!

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