College Pride on Pinterest

How many of you went to college? A lot of you, maybe! If you did, you know all about what I’m about to post.

Your higher education wasn’t just an education. Your school was and still is a lifestyle. Through my travels, I know that this college-bond comes from all sorts of schools. I’ve got friends who went to state schools, local schools, ivy league schools, and we all have the same feelings towards our Alma Mater – it was the best experience of our lives and is now the basis to our everyday life.

So when I see a fellow Buckeye on the street and I yell out a big “O-H!” I better hear a just-as-loud “I-O!” come in return!

Now, to give you an idea of just how much I love The Ohio State University, here is a collection of my favorite wedding photos…

c  ba

Gives you an idea, right? And yes, we did get married on campus!

So my biggest challenge is to somehow incorporate our Buckeye lifestyle into our everyday lives/home without painting everything scarlet and gray (although it is tempting….)

Pinterest seems to have all of the answers these days! I’ve not only found the cutest baby items that are OSU-inspired, but home decor and more that adds the little touches of spirit without being overwhelming. Take a look!

Baby Items

e d f

Home Decor

b a


b a

Find your school’s spirit on Pinterest and leave me a comment with what you found! Happy Pinning everyone!

*All photos/credits can be found on my OSU Love board on Pinterest


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