Mint-y Goodness!

Happy Monday! Can you believe it’s going to be May this week?! I can’t believe it! Next week you guys will get to hear all about my sister’s upcoming May 11 nuptials!! How exciting!

Today when I rolled out of bed, I was exhausted. Last night Atlas was restless and was dry heaving half the night (TMI? sorry!). I swear in another life he was a human child because every time he settled back down from heaving, he would cuddle up and lay his head on my chest/neck/side. He’s such a cuddle bug!

Needless to say I was really glad I picked out my outfit last night before bed! As many of you know from my Pencil Skirts post, I love the versatility and comfort that comes with dressing up in a pencil skirt and cotton tee. Not only does it look like I tried to dress up, but I spend the whole day cocooned in a soft, easy to move in outfit! If you haven’t had this experience with your pencil skirts yet, hit the LOFT and grab some of their pencil skirts. I have yet to have an uncomfortable one from there!

Today’s outfit, called Royal & Mint, is inspired by my last-summer’s love for everything Mint. In one month I bought mint skinny jeans, a mint belt, mint necklaces, mint nail polish, and mint sandals! Talk about mint overload! I’m really happy with my choices now, though, because mint goes so well with so many colors.



White with silver detail pencil skirt – LOFT Outlet – $20 SALERoyal blue Timeless Crewneck tee – Banana Republic Outlet – $12 SALE
Blue wedges – Target – $20
Mint Belt & Necklace – Target – $10 and $15 respectively

Leave me a comment with your favorite mint-inspired outfit! Talk to you all tomorrow!


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