New Uses for Things You Already Have

Let’s face it. Money is a big issue in our country as of the last few decades. There are so many people in debt because we look at most of our belongings as disposable. What if there was a way to use the items we don’t want anymore for a different use? Up-cycling is exactly that: taking things you already have and remaking them into something new. Examples, you ask? Take a look!

Got an old entertainment center you no longer need? Make it into a…

Changing Table!


or a….

Laundry Room Workstation


An old dresser or bookcase can become a…

New Desk


or a….

Mud Room Organizer


or a…

Set of Under-Bed Drawers


How about those other odds and ends you have lying around the house?

Hangers into towel hooks


Bricks into bookends


CDs into closet dividers


The possibilities are endless! The whole point is that when you get an urge to go shopping for new home goods (like I do constantly!) instead look around your house for items to re-purpose and reuse. Green initiatives rock!


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