Pinterest Post: Best. Gift. EVER!

In every relationship there comes a point where the answer to “what do you want to do this weekend?” is “I don’t care…whatever you want…”

I don’t know about you, but that’s been my husband since we’ve gotten engaged two years ago. I’m always looking for something to do, but he’s not one to plan. So here comes the big announcement….

*Drum roll please!!*

I have finally found it! The best gift ever! And heeeeere it is!


What is it you ask?

It’s a DATE….IN….A…..BOX!!! (you have to re-read that with your game show voice if you didn’t before.)

This simple little cardboard box, made by the Rambly Blog,  is filled with a bunch of activities for you and your loved one to enjoy! Each box can be handmade and tailored to you and your special guy/girl, or you can make one for friends! (wedding gift idea?? eh? eh?!)

A full DIY with printables (I know, could it get any easier?!?!) can be found RIGHT HERE but only if you promise to check out the Rambly Blog’s other posts, too, because it’s awesome!


Please make one of these! I’m going to this weekend! I’ll post pictures after mine is done. I’m going to personalize the crap out of it so the moment that Jeff and I finally settle back into our “normal/ho-hum” weekends, we can pop open one of these bad-boys and get to having fun and enjoying being together!

Happy DIY-ing!



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