Last Minute Wedding Prep!

So today marks 7 days until my sister’s wedding! How exciting! In preparation for the big day, each day over the next week I will post something wedding related to the Wife Life! Today, in honor of the number seven, I will be posting my top 7 must-haves to make a wedding day go smoothly!

1. Emergency Wedding Kit


My kit had everything from Static-Guard to Deodorant and Mints to Bobby Pins. Whatever I could imagine needing last minute, I put in this bad boy. For a great example, check out this emergency kit list

2. A pretty hanger for the bride’s gown!

I didn’t have one and here’s how my pictures turned out…not so good!


Invest in a simple one like this one from Etsy shop owner MaiCreationsSs and you’ll be forever happy with the dress photos!


3. A water bucket for your flowers


You can’t imagine how fast those horribly expensive bouquets will wilt on a hot day!

4. A practice round of putting the finishing touches on your dress!

a b

My sister did it for me (what a good M.O.H.!) but we staged photos with my mom to make it look like she did it! We knew that my sister would be a perfectionist on this major detail of my dress, so we practiced a few times to make sure we would get it right the first time on the big day!

5. A goodie bag for the ring bearer/flower girl


This not only helped to keep our nieces busy right before the ceremony, but made it easy for their mom to slip out unnoticed after they finished getting their hair done!

6. A photo plan for your guests


All of our attendees (and one of my awesome bridesmaids) were snapping pictures all day and sharing them on social media. It was really hard to find all of the photos and compile them, though, unless we were tagged in the photos on Facebook. For an easier alternative, try creating a Flickr account for the big day or have your friends hash-tag something like #VCWedding so you can easily access and store the photos for later!

7. Have a drink and relax before the ceremony starts!

a b

The guys were mandated to show up at Jeff’s favorite college bar on our wedding day for photos, but they took some time to relax and have a round as well. My girls and I relaxed at the ceremony site while doing our makeup and told funny stories to calm any nerves!

If you or your family/friends are planning/have planned their weddings and you find/found things that help(ed) you prepare, leave me a comment!


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