Wedding Planner Lesson Plan

T-minus 4 days until the wedding!

As for Teaching Tip Tuesday, I’ve found an ultimate lesson all about weddings!

I think many girls at one time in their life or another has wished that they could plan weddings for a living. I know I would totally love it, although, after watching shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Bridezillas” I’m not sure I could deal with the freak-outs of the over-the-top brides!

With the invention of Pinterest, the Knot, and other wedding planning sites, ideas for weddings are endless.

Being an FCS teacher, I get the opportunity to integrate core academic subjects into my class in fun ways. As I was doing some research for my classes, I came upon this amazing lesson plan for planning a wedding. It not only integrates social skills, but money management and budgeting, consumerism, and compromise. The creator, Linda M. Rhinehart Neas, did a great job at writing a fun, engaging, useful lesson plan. This is honestly one of the most interesting lesson plans I have ever read!

Now, more than ever, I’m hoping that I can find an FCS teaching job in California so I can teach this fun lesson to a bunch of students!

Happy Teaching!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Planner Lesson Plan

  1. I just came across the lesson plan and will be using it in my FCS class. Can’t wait to see what the students create! And the idea of having them be wedding planners makes being partners much easier that being an “engaged couple”, especially when you have 2-3x as many girls as boys. I will let you know what happens! šŸ™‚

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