Pinterest Post: Easy Hostess Gifts for Summer

As I get ready to move in a few weeks, I have promised myself that I will be a social butterfly when I get to California. I, Lisa, proclaim today that I will do the following:

  1. Go to my apartment’s functions. Pool parties, movie nights, cooking classes, etc. to make friends who live close to home.
  2. Hit up as many ship functions as I can do become a part of the new ship family. That way, when the hubs is out at sea, I’ll have people to hang out with!
  3. Try joining a new club or MeetUp to get involved in something I have never tried before or something I love to do. Sharing is caring, right?
  4. Work towards getting Atlas certified to be a therapy dog so we can volunteer in hospitals on the weekends. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than seeing others smile!
  5. Accept any and all offers to go to picnics, BBQs, get-togethers and bring one of these kick-butt hostess gifts!


Lemonade kit, anyone? This awesome idea from Fashion meets Food is a unique gift that I’m sure many hostesses haven’t received!


Sticking with the lemonade idea, bottling some homemade versions in different fruit flavors would be a nice treat to bring as well. Use old, clean wine bottles and fruit additions like strawberries, blueberries, or pineapple.


Want to bring cookies, but know that everyone else is bringing desserts? Bring some of these frozen cookie dough balls for the hostess. That way, the next time her family wants some fresh baked goodies, she can pop these on a pan and have them ready!


Headed to a dinner party? Bring a small potted herb plant for the hostess! If she loves Italian food, try basil or rosemary; Latin food, grab some oregano or cilantro; Mediterranean food, try some thyme or sage!


Bringing a salad to the party? Try making some of these Painted Serving Utensils to give to the hostess. Not only are they customizable, but a thoughtful gift to remember you by for parties to come!


Leave me a comment with more hostess gift ideas! I have a feeling I’ll be needing them this summer!


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