Shopping Fast is OVER!!

Today, everyone, was the official end of the Shopping Fast that I’ve been on since April! My MIL and I checked out the Fashion Valley Mall and boy did we shop til we dropped! There were a bunch of great items on sale and clearance racks and we shopped the heck out of them! I even scored two button downs for the hubs that are going to look AWESOME on him! Here’s what I got:

Blue and White Striped Dress – Francesca’s
Fourth of July dress, anyone?! Now on the search for a red belt and accessories for next weekend!


Sunkissed Shorts in Blush, Hot Coral, and Navy – GAP
50% Off shorts today? yes, thank you!


Sheer Button Blouses in Navy Print and Ivory Lace (front and back view) – The Limited
Both on Clearance, $20 and $15 respectively!!! Over $50 in savings?! Woohoo!




Sheer Tops in Coral Polka Dots and Coral Blush – Old Navy
Both on Clearance!! Paid $15 for both with my military discount!



Jeff’s New Button Downs in Green/Blue Plaid and Mint – Express
$20 each on sale! Normally $60 each!



Needless to say I’m going to be one cute Nanny in my upcoming job and I did it all with sales! Cha-Ching! Be on the lookout for all of these items in outfits soon!


Friday Fitness: Incline Treadmill

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have been hitting your fitness regularly and are feeling great!

Todays workout is a butt-kicker: literally!

Set your treadmills to as fast as you can walk comfortably (mine is 3.5), and your incline to 7.0. Now your only goal is to walk as far as you can! Really, that’s it! Aim for at least a half hour if you can, but up to an hour on this workout will leave your buns-a-burnin! 🙂

Short, sweet, and to the point today guys! Let me know how your workouts have been going!

Pinterest Post: DIY Nanny Binder

So I told you all yesterday that I would share with you my DIY Nanny Binder that was inspired by Pinterest. If you search “nanny binder” on Pinterest you will see a couple different options, all that can be purchased. Now I’m all for using someone else’s work if its genius, but these binders looked like some thing I could replicate on my own!

Here’s what I bought from Target to make it happen:
– A 1.5 inch binder
– 5 plastic page dividers
– A paper folder with pockets (do not buy if your binder has pockets!)
– A planner/calendar with 3 holes punched (to place in binder)
– A spiral bound notebook

Here’s what I’ve got now:



Left Pocket
I had to paste in my own pockets into the binder by cutting apart the folder and rubber cementing them into place
Nanny 911 Printable – on Pinterest here



Section 1
Baby’s Daily Schedule – made by me


Section 2
Notes from the Nanny – made by me, inspired by this and this

I love the first printable inspiration page, but it used terms like “nappies” and “niggly” (cranky?) which is not commonly used in the US


Section 3
Photo Log – made by me

I can’t imagine how hard it must be being away from your little ones, so getting a Polaroid or making little crafts to show mommy and daddy when they get home is helpful!


Section 4
Development & Milestones – info taken from Early Childhood textbooks and resources as well as baby activity websites like this one


Section 5
To Dos and Notes for the Nanny – made by me
I can use this section to remind myself of things I need to do in a day or overnight to prepare for the next day/the week


Section 6
Planner/Calendar – now I can keep mommy’s, daddy’s, and my schedules all in one place! And it’s Chevron! Bonus!


Section 7
Spiral Notebook – anything I need to write down can be put here as well as notes from the parents


Back Pocket
Any extra papers necessary


If any of you would like my Printables, leave me a comment and I can email them to you! I’m more than happy to share 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve had a great response from this post and my readers (thanks guys!) so here are my files for anyone wanting to use them!

Word Files
0-3 Development and Activities
3-6 Development and Activities
6-9 Development and Activities
9-12 Development and Activities
911 Nanny Form
Daily Child Care Schedule
Nanny Photo Log
Nanny To-Do and Reminders
Notes from the Nanny Daily Log

PDF Files


Exciting News!

So I realized when I woke up this morning that I forgot to post my Tank Top Tuesday post…man!

And today I’m lying in bed ready to crash from a busy day and realizing that I’m sucking in the blogging realm of my life the past two days. I have a great excuse though! I was preparing/carrying out an interview for a position as a nanny that I had today! I’m super excited and was able to use my awesome organizational skills to make super cute and functional Printables for a Nanny Binder!

The interview went about as well as I could have hoped for and this family is so great that I’m hoping I get the job! In the spirit of not waking my sleeping crazy sweet little puppy who is sleeping so nicely on my bed, I’ll post the Printables tomorrow so you all can see them!

As for me, I’m going to cuddle up with this little guy and get some sleep..


I’ve got a big few days ahead of me! So much to prepare and so much left that I want to do in the apartment and San Diego area! Until tomorrow guys; thanks for putting up with my slackerness!

Crossbody Bags

So I’ve come to realize something about Cali fashion that makes me really, really happy…people love easy, comfy clothes around here! Cuffed jeans and a tank with flip flops? Perfect. Sweet summer sundress and sandals? Perfect! Shorts and a graphic tee with Toms? Perfect!!!

So what goes better with all of these outfits but a compact, side-sling crossbody bag? Nothing is the correct answer! If you guessed anything else, please just go 😉

I’m loving crossbody bags this summer because they leave my hands free, and are big enough to hold my wallet, phone, and keys, but small enough to not look like I’m carrying Atlas in my purse! I’ve worn mine to summer concerts, the zoo, shopping, and dinner with friends. It fits every occasion! Well, minus a black-tie event I guess…but then only a clutch would do anyways, so the point is moot!

Here are some of my faves for every budget:

Under $30


Target – $22.00 in store, $19 online



Express – $49.90



Coach Outlet – $78

$100+ SPLURGE!


Michael Kors @ Nordstrom – $188

Tell me about your favorite crossbody bag and where you got it from! I have a feeling I’ll be purchasing a few for the summer 🙂

Recipe of the Week: Brown Sugar Bacon Biscuits

I’m a slacker. I’m apologizing now. This is going to be an epically short post for a few reasons:

1. I made these biscuits and forgot to take pictures along the way

2. I ate three before I remembered to take a picture of them and

3. I then proceeded to bag up some for a friend and THEN remembered to actually take a photo…


Gosh, Im a hot mess blogger tonight…But hey! Joy the Baker does a bang up job of showing you how to make them, and this being like the twentieth time I’ve made these delicious morsels, I’m not surprised I stuffed my face before taking pictures.

So, do me a favor and make these this week! They’re truly amazeballs.

Exploring New Cities, Making New Friends

I’ve noticed some things over the past four years when it comes to living in three different regions of the country. Every area of the continental US has their own quirks and varieties of people. Some good, some bad, some just different.

Here are the awesome things about the regions I have lived in:


Everyone is friendly regardless of where you’ve come from. From the South? They like you. From the West Coast? They like you. In the Midwest, you are family. Family is the number one priority and everyone is invited for dinner. I miss that.



The South

Yes, Sir. No, Ma’am. I used to cringe at the idea of being called ma’am, but now I understand the air of respect behind the words. My kids will use these terms. It’s just polite!



The West Coast

No one is in a hurry. People let you onto the highway when you put your blinker on. Everyone smiles at you as they pass you in the Market. Families welcome you into their home when you’re just a friend of their family’s. I love this place!



I’ve found that making friends is amazing in each area of the country, though. San Diego (besides my home state of Ohio) is my favorite place to make new friends. I can honestly say in the 7.2 days I have been here, I have been greeted by nothing less than smiles from everyone I’ve encountered.

It’s hard moving so much and having to make new friends, but I have high hopes that this new place will be nothing but a perfect time to visit with old friends and make new ones as well.

I can’t wait to meet the people that I will call my close friends for the next few years and beyond! If any of you are in San Diego, let me know and maybe we can be blogger-nerds together and meet up sometime!

Fat Burn Treadmill Workout

So I’ve been blissfully lazy today and have been applying for jobs and putting together new home decor that came in the mail. I’m headed to see Colbie Callait with a few friends at the San Diego Fair in a bit but I wanted to post the workout I’ve been doing the past few days super fast.

So we all know my flaw with physical activity is pushing myself too hard too fast. This workout stops that behavior in its tracks! I keep my heart rate around 130, and my knees feel awesome afterwards too!

Start the treadmill at 0.5 incline and a speed that you are comfortable walking to (think holding a convo with a best friend while walking). Every five minutes increase the incline by 1.0. Go until you’ve reached 4.5, then every five minutes, decrease the incline by 1.0. That’s it! Stay at your comfortable walking pace and continue the pattern for an hour.

Yesterday my knee was throbbing so I took it easy at a 3.0 pace. I walked a little over 3 miles and burnt 310 calories! Not too bad for walking slow! Not to mention I got to watch Making Room for Multiples and A Baby Story on TLC while I was doing it 🙂

Most treadmills will have this fat burn cycle programmed into their system, but its easy to follow even if yours doesn’t. Try it out and let me know how it went!

I’ll let you guys know how Colbie Callait goes tonight 🙂

Pinterest Post: Doily Envelopes

It’s Thursday and I’m starting to get burnt out…we’ve been running nonstop for the past week decorating the apartment and exploring. It’s a good kind of exhaustion 🙂

I’m really hoping I can get the cupcakery up and off its feet while we live in San Diego and I think these cute doily envelopes could be just the trick to start marketing. I found this awesome idea on a weddingbee forum and knew what I had to do.

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Kraft paper envelopes
– Paper doilies
– Glue (sticks are less messy than the liquid I used!)
– Stickers from your company/theme
– A stamp of your choice with ink pad


Instructions are pretty self explanatory with pictures:








To jazz them up a little more, try off-setting the doilies and trimming off the excess! So cute right?!


I’m going to stuff these babies with my menu cards and a business card and hand them out as soon as I get everything done to set up a stand at the farmers market!

Our House: Cabinet Organization

Happy Wednesday guys! I know I promised that starting this Wednesday, I’d be showing you all before and after pics of our rooms, but we are still waiting on some items to get shipped, so that’ll start next week.

This week I wanted to share simple organizing options for small kitchens. If you’re fortunate enough to have TONS of cabinet storage like we do, then these pictures will totally help, but even if you don’t, these solutions should assist you in gaining some order in your cabinets.

Let me start by stating one hard fact: my husband did an AMAZING job at organizing our cabinets when he moved in. I didn’t have to reorder any cabinets, just make things easier to access and rid of the everything-will-fall-out-on-my-head-when-I-grab-the-salt feeling I had.

Here’s what we’ve got going on.










Pretty awesome, right?! Now to organize…

I ran by my local Dollar Tree and found these awesome hole-y baskets to hold my loose items.

To get everything looking like this, I started by removing everything from the cabinets and grouping items.

All the items I use to make my mini cupcakes went in one…


I took all of our assorted teas, sweeteners, and instant drink mixes and placed them in separate zip-top bags. I also took our oatmeal and Pop-Tarts out of their boxes (darn you Jeff! I can’t resist the S’mores ones!!) and placed them in a basket to be placed way up high where I can’t get to them easily….built in will-power?! Maybe yes, maybe no….


The last basket was used to hold all of my Kitchen-Aide attachments so they wouldn’t come flying out all willy-nilly when I only needed one. (See bottom shelf below)


As you can see from the top set of pictures, everything that could be nested, is. Also, I make a point to put things back how I found them. A little time now will save A LOT of time later.

Moral of the story? $5 in baskets from the Dollar Tree + 30 minutes of time + 1 awesome husband to get you started = one happy, organized, grateful wife!