Summertime Activities for the Little Ones

So as I was thinking today about “what’s on my mind” for today’s post, I couldn’t decide. Too many things are about to happen here in the next few weeks and it seems like more and more keeps adding to the list! So after hanging out with one of my girlfriends today at the mall (mall-walking for me, shoe-shopping for her), I knew what I would write about today: how to keep your little ones busy during the summer! My friend has a 15 month old, but many of her friends have kids of all ages that they are about to go stir-crazy with this summer! I found some awesome ideas for each age group, so check them out and let me know if you complete any of them and what your kiddos thought!

Ages 1-2

a“Soap Mud” is the cleanest way for your little one to get messy! This mix of grated soap and warm water has the texture of mud, but the cleaning properties of a nice, warm bath! Source: The Imagination Tree

Ages 2-4

aThese “Smashing Balls” are just cotton balls soaked in a mixture of  flour and water, but when baked, become hard and can be smashed with a toy hammer for hours of fun! Source: 4 Herreras

Ages 4-6

aReinforce learning colors and lefts-from-rights with a fun game of Yard Twister! Source: Eucharisteo

Ages 6-8

aMake a summer plan and stick to it! Have your little leader help you make a schedule like this one so they will always know what is going on each day of the week! Source: Organizing Made Fun

Ages 8-10

aGet those kids into the kitchen to whip up a snack! These Chocolate Covered Pretzel S’mores are a cinch to make and even easier to eat! Source: Repinyourphoto

Ages 10-12

aI know I already showed you all a tutorial on these solar ovens in my Summer Science post, but these are a great way to have some summer fun with the pre-teen crowd! Source: Lorajean’s Magazine


aThese mugs are from the dollar store, but with a Sharpie and an oven, they can become personalized gifts or a one-of-a-kind ceramic! Source: CT Green Gal


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