Last Teaching Tip Tuesday!

Happy last Teaching Tip Tuesday!! Today will be my final post of the school year for teaching tips. Starting next week, Tuesdays will be Tank Top Tuesdays where I will feature a fun summertime activity for all ages!

This week’s teaching tip is all about evaluating; Evaluating your lessons from the year, evaluating your classroom management systems, and evaluating your quality of teaching.

Now I’ve got an administrator who gives me honest, constructive feedback on my quality of teaching, and I am constantly reworking my lessons to make them better, so for me, that leaves evaluating my classroom management system.

I don’t know about any of you teachers out there, but I know that I am always looking for new, genius ideas from others about how to make my classroom run smoother. Here’s what I’m planning on doing next year (if I’m blessed enough to find a teaching job in Cali!):

Make these Posters

c d

My kiddos, being raised with a phone in their hands, sometimes forget the consequences of their actions. Both of these posters address common issues with secondary students, but in a fun, straightforward way.

Handle Cell Phones

bI will be buying a clear shoe organizer the minute I find out I’ve got a teaching job. This is a no-fail way to keep the kids from texting/facebooking/tweeting/instagramming during your class. When they come in, they drop their phone in their numbered pouch, and when they leave, they can pick it up. This also gives me the chance to have students use their cell phones for learning opportunities because only I can give them permission to get their phones during class.

Keep Groups Friendly

eSome little lovelies just don’t get along well with certain peers. This awesome wheel makes sure that groups will never have a catalyst…unless you work in a middle school where kids change best friends every week…then, good luck to you 🙂

Stop the No-Name Brigade

aThis seems a little juvenile for secondary school kids, but after seeing how many papers I could not grade this year because a name was missing, I’m doing this.

Keep my Pencils


Many kids steal pencils on accident at the end of class, but having these canisters by the door is a great way to help ensure you get them back. Letting kids know they can take one out of the SHARP container as long as they return it to the PLEASE SHARPEN container at the end of class will hopefully stop my supplies from going missing!

I hope any of you teachers out there have a GREAT summer! Well deserved! Next Tuesday, tune in for my first Tank Top Tuesday post!


2 thoughts on “Last Teaching Tip Tuesday!

  1. The shoe organizer idea is intriguing, but its location will be crucial!! Traffic to and from can easily get clogged, which leads to all sorts of issues for both entering and exiting.

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