Getting ready for the move!

Guess what guys?! I’m moving in 4 days and I got a new iPad!!! Jeff and I talked about it and we decided after my living situation and circumstances from the past six months, and the fact that ill be traveling and can keep in contact with him/family while in transit, I could get the iPad I’ve been drooling over for the past two years!! Whoa, run on sentence! Sorry! I’m just so excited!!

Anyhow, I have been busy packing and organizing the past few days and have realized a few things:

1. I have So. Much. Stuff! It never seems like a lot in the grand scheme of an empty apartment, but loading into my car will have to be strategic. I made a map. Seriously! Look!


2. I couldn’t throw away Atlas’s old,ripped up toys without tearing up a bit…so I kept little tokens of each to put in a small shadowbox when we get to Cali. Rest in Pieces little toys!


P.S. I couldn’t bear to get rid of this little guy…Puffin was his very first toy!



3. I’m getting really good at logistics in plastic bins. When I moved into this apartment, all four were filled with stuff. Now I’m down to two; partially because I purged some things, partially because I’m becoming a packing Ninja!


4. I’m really excited about having an iPad because that means I can take more photos and videos during the trip and share them with you guys!! Yippee!!!



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