Fashion for Travel

Ooohhh guys! It’s getting so close! I pretty much packed the place today and I’m getting so excited about the big move in 2 days!! As I began my quest to pack up all of my belongings, I started with packing my overnight(s) bag. What would I bring? I need something that will be comfortable for 13+ hours in the car each day, but cute enough that I’ll want to be in pictures during our venture. Something easy to move around in, but climate friendly for the multitude of temperatures we will encounter during our trip What to wear, what to wear….

I’m a big fan of re-wearing the same bottoms for a couple days (as long as I don’t get them dirty of course!) I do, however, like to pick vastly different tops to change up the look each day. Here are my three outfits for our travel days:

Side Note: Judge me if you want, but I am only taking my one pair of white skinnies on the trip. Partially because I love them, partially because I accidentally space-bagged all of my other jeans and returned my friends vacuum before I realized it…whoops! šŸ™‚ hahaha

Outfit #1: Red Hot Summer


Outfit #2: Baby in Blue Jean


Outfit #3: All Ruffled Up


A pair of black flip flops make for the perfect driving shoes (mainly because I can take them off!) and top off each outfit well while maintaining comfort!


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