3T: Traveling with the Kiddos

Happy Tank Top Tuesday! Tomorrow’s moving day, the car’s all packed, my Mother-in-Law is on her way here, and Atlas is happily wearing himself out at doggie daycare! Moving is a big job, and major props goes out to any of you with little ones that have to make big treks like I am about to embark upon!

In the spirit of travel, I’m going to post some of my favorite ideas on how to keep the little lovelies busy on long car rides without using a portable DVD player (I’m a teacher, remember?! It’s all about learning opportunities!!)

1. Give them a Food Travel Kit – thanks to JT&Dolly at DISboards

aA kit full of healthy (and “fun”) foods will keep them from whining when they’re really just wanting a snack! I think I’d replace the sprinkles and other super small goods, though, with some bigger snacks just to avoid have a “funfetti” back seat in my car for a year…

2. While you’re at it, throw in a Game Kit – JT&Dolly ROCK!


All of these games can easily be played by an individual or a group, keeping the kiddos busy and cooperative the whole ride!

3. Art kits are always fun too!


An empty DVD case, scratch pad, and some colored pencils and you’ve got yourself a $1 DIY project! Give them an idea of what to draw (colors, numbers, animals, whatever they’re learning about in school) or tell them to draw something they see outside! Older kids can practice writing or cursive, too! The learning opportunities are endless!

4. Have some fun with old-fashioned car games! (and these from Babble!)


My parents would play the License Plate game or the ABC game with us as kids and it normally kept us busy from the time we left until we arrived at our destination.

License Plate Game: watch out the window for license plates from different states. When you see one, yell it out! No duplicates, so keep a close eye out for new states and countries!

ABC Game: Start with the letter A. Find a sign, billboard, or bumper sticker that has a word on it starting with the letter A (i.e. Al’s Pizza). Once you do that, move on to B (Bump Ahead), C (Charlotte, NC), D (Dunkin Donuts), E (Exit), and so on until you make it through the alphabet. It may not seem like it’ll take very long, but you’ll get stuck when you hit Q, X, and Z!

Happy Travels everyone! I’ll keep you all updated tomorrow when we arrive in Katy, Texas, our first stop!



2 thoughts on “3T: Traveling with the Kiddos

  1. Oh my Lord that repurposed plastic case into a food box! Brilliant! Although I wonder if you could use the kind that is made for fishing supplies, that have separate lids for each section to try to avoid potential spills? Or maybe stick the food in small zipped baggies first would fix it? I’m with you, no one wants a funfetti mix in their car for a year…

    • Kati,

      Those are great ideas! I wonder if one of the oversized pill cases might be a quick fix? Just a little coat of paint will stop passers-by from thinking your kids are wolfing down grandmas medicines 🙂

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