Our House: Cabinet Organization

Happy Wednesday guys! I know I promised that starting this Wednesday, I’d be showing you all before and after pics of our rooms, but we are still waiting on some items to get shipped, so that’ll start next week.

This week I wanted to share simple organizing options for small kitchens. If you’re fortunate enough to have TONS of cabinet storage like we do, then these pictures will totally help, but even if you don’t, these solutions should assist you in gaining some order in your cabinets.

Let me start by stating one hard fact: my husband did an AMAZING job at organizing our cabinets when he moved in. I didn’t have to reorder any cabinets, just make things easier to access and rid of the everything-will-fall-out-on-my-head-when-I-grab-the-salt feeling I had.

Here’s what we’ve got going on.










Pretty awesome, right?! Now to organize…

I ran by my local Dollar Tree and found these awesome hole-y baskets to hold my loose items.

To get everything looking like this, I started by removing everything from the cabinets and grouping items.

All the items I use to make my mini cupcakes went in one…


I took all of our assorted teas, sweeteners, and instant drink mixes and placed them in separate zip-top bags. I also took our oatmeal and Pop-Tarts out of their boxes (darn you Jeff! I can’t resist the S’mores ones!!) and placed them in a basket to be placed way up high where I can’t get to them easily….built in will-power?! Maybe yes, maybe no….


The last basket was used to hold all of my Kitchen-Aide attachments so they wouldn’t come flying out all willy-nilly when I only needed one. (See bottom shelf below)


As you can see from the top set of pictures, everything that could be nested, is. Also, I make a point to put things back how I found them. A little time now will save A LOT of time later.

Moral of the story? $5 in baskets from the Dollar Tree + 30 minutes of time + 1 awesome husband to get you started = one happy, organized, grateful wife!


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