Fat Burn Treadmill Workout

So I’ve been blissfully lazy today and have been applying for jobs and putting together new home decor that came in the mail. I’m headed to see Colbie Callait with a few friends at the San Diego Fair in a bit but I wanted to post the workout I’ve been doing the past few days super fast.

So we all know my flaw with physical activity is pushing myself too hard too fast. This workout stops that behavior in its tracks! I keep my heart rate around 130, and my knees feel awesome afterwards too!

Start the treadmill at 0.5 incline and a speed that you are comfortable walking to (think holding a convo with a best friend while walking). Every five minutes increase the incline by 1.0. Go until you’ve reached 4.5, then every five minutes, decrease the incline by 1.0. That’s it! Stay at your comfortable walking pace and continue the pattern for an hour.

Yesterday my knee was throbbing so I took it easy at a 3.0 pace. I walked a little over 3 miles and burnt 310 calories! Not too bad for walking slow! Not to mention I got to watch Making Room for Multiples and A Baby Story on TLC while I was doing it 🙂

Most treadmills will have this fat burn cycle programmed into their system, but its easy to follow even if yours doesn’t. Try it out and let me know how it went!

I’ll let you guys know how Colbie Callait goes tonight 🙂


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