Exploring New Cities, Making New Friends

I’ve noticed some things over the past four years when it comes to living in three different regions of the country. Every area of the continental US has their own quirks and varieties of people. Some good, some bad, some just different.

Here are the awesome things about the regions I have lived in:


Everyone is friendly regardless of where you’ve come from. From the South? They like you. From the West Coast? They like you. In the Midwest, you are family. Family is the number one priority and everyone is invited for dinner. I miss that.



The South

Yes, Sir. No, Ma’am. I used to cringe at the idea of being called ma’am, but now I understand the air of respect behind the words. My kids will use these terms. It’s just polite!



The West Coast

No one is in a hurry. People let you onto the highway when you put your blinker on. Everyone smiles at you as they pass you in the Market. Families welcome you into their home when you’re just a friend of their family’s. I love this place!



I’ve found that making friends is amazing in each area of the country, though. San Diego (besides my home state of Ohio) is my favorite place to make new friends. I can honestly say in the 7.2 days I have been here, I have been greeted by nothing less than smiles from everyone I’ve encountered.

It’s hard moving so much and having to make new friends, but I have high hopes that this new place will be nothing but a perfect time to visit with old friends and make new ones as well.

I can’t wait to meet the people that I will call my close friends for the next few years and beyond! If any of you are in San Diego, let me know and maybe we can be blogger-nerds together and meet up sometime!


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