Crossbody Bags

So I’ve come to realize something about Cali fashion that makes me really, really happy…people love easy, comfy clothes around here! Cuffed jeans and a tank with flip flops? Perfect. Sweet summer sundress and sandals? Perfect! Shorts and a graphic tee with Toms? Perfect!!!

So what goes better with all of these outfits but a compact, side-sling crossbody bag? Nothing is the correct answer! If you guessed anything else, please just go 😉

I’m loving crossbody bags this summer because they leave my hands free, and are big enough to hold my wallet, phone, and keys, but small enough to not look like I’m carrying Atlas in my purse! I’ve worn mine to summer concerts, the zoo, shopping, and dinner with friends. It fits every occasion! Well, minus a black-tie event I guess…but then only a clutch would do anyways, so the point is moot!

Here are some of my faves for every budget:

Under $30


Target – $22.00 in store, $19 online



Express – $49.90



Coach Outlet – $78

$100+ SPLURGE!


Michael Kors @ Nordstrom – $188

Tell me about your favorite crossbody bag and where you got it from! I have a feeling I’ll be purchasing a few for the summer 🙂


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