Pinterest Post: DIY Nanny Binder

So I told you all yesterday that I would share with you my DIY Nanny Binder that was inspired by Pinterest. If you search “nanny binder” on Pinterest you will see a couple different options, all that can be purchased. Now I’m all for using someone else’s work if its genius, but these binders looked like some thing I could replicate on my own!

Here’s what I bought from Target to make it happen:
– A 1.5 inch binder
– 5 plastic page dividers
– A paper folder with pockets (do not buy if your binder has pockets!)
– A planner/calendar with 3 holes punched (to place in binder)
– A spiral bound notebook

Here’s what I’ve got now:



Left Pocket
I had to paste in my own pockets into the binder by cutting apart the folder and rubber cementing them into place
Nanny 911 Printable – on Pinterest here



Section 1
Baby’s Daily Schedule – made by me


Section 2
Notes from the Nanny – made by me, inspired by this and this

I love the first printable inspiration page, but it used terms like “nappies” and “niggly” (cranky?) which is not commonly used in the US


Section 3
Photo Log – made by me

I can’t imagine how hard it must be being away from your little ones, so getting a Polaroid or making little crafts to show mommy and daddy when they get home is helpful!


Section 4
Development & Milestones – info taken from Early Childhood textbooks and resources as well as baby activity websites like this one


Section 5
To Dos and Notes for the Nanny – made by me
I can use this section to remind myself of things I need to do in a day or overnight to prepare for the next day/the week


Section 6
Planner/Calendar – now I can keep mommy’s, daddy’s, and my schedules all in one place! And it’s Chevron! Bonus!


Section 7
Spiral Notebook – anything I need to write down can be put here as well as notes from the parents


Back Pocket
Any extra papers necessary


If any of you would like my Printables, leave me a comment and I can email them to you! I’m more than happy to share 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve had a great response from this post and my readers (thanks guys!) so here are my files for anyone wanting to use them!

Word Files
0-3 Development and Activities
3-6 Development and Activities
6-9 Development and Activities
9-12 Development and Activities
911 Nanny Form
Daily Child Care Schedule
Nanny Photo Log
Nanny To-Do and Reminders
Notes from the Nanny Daily Log

PDF Files



77 thoughts on “Pinterest Post: DIY Nanny Binder

  1. Love your notebook! I am working on one for my kiddos and was hoping that you could email me your nanny notes template. It would be MUCH appreciated!! 🙂

    • Kati,

      I’d love to share the Nanny Notes with you! I will send you an email today with it attached. Please let me know if you have any troubles opening it 🙂 thanks for reading!


  2. I love your nanny binder and would so appreciate it if you could send me your templates that you created. Thank you so much. -Nicole

  3. Oh my goodness! I adore this. I have been searching everywhere for something like this. I’m doing my own Nanny Binder and I haven’t been able to find ANYTHING remotely cute. I love your nanny binder! I would really appreciate it if you could send me your templates that you created. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi! I just came across your “nanny notebook” and love it! Would you please email me the files? I would love to use them! Thank you!!

    • Bridget,

      Thanks for visiting! I will send the files to your email this week. We just got a new puppy, so I will try to email them tomorrow, but we will see how she does 🙂

      I’m so glad you like them and I’m sure you will love seeing them as much as my Nanny Parents do!


  5. I would love for you to send me your printables 🙂 Love the idea of having a binder for everything to be in one place! Thanks so much!

    • Hope,

      Thanks for visiting! I will send you the files as soon as possible 🙂 We did just get a new puppy, however, so it may be a couple days!

      I’m so glad you like them and look forward to hearing how they are working for you!


  6. This is just what I have been looking for to make for our sitter! If you could email me the files, that would be great! Thanks so much.


  7. We just hired a new nanny (after firing our first) and I’m ready to really do this right like you have! Anything you’re able to share would be great! Thanks, Lisa!

  8. This is AWESOME! You did such a great job. Would you be willing to share your files with me? I need to get organized 😉

  9. This is a great idea!! I am a nanny and this would definitely keep m3 organized, alongside the parents! Do you have the printables available?

  10. We are just getting a nanny and these are fantastic. Our kids have been in daycare so this is a new experience for us, having a nanny, but I love that at daycare I have something to look at to know what went on! Could you email these to me?

  11. Hi.. I absolutely love your book! I would love if you would sent your printable so to me so that I could make one of my own. Thanks!!

  12. Your binder is awesome! I’m trying to put one together and would love it if you could email your printables to me as well. I appreciate it!

  13. I’ve spent so much time trying to find something as useful as this I’ve been using a note book and it’s just not the same I would greatly appreciate if you could send me your notes as well as your templates ! I feel like my whole schedule would benefit specially my little charges ! Thanks you for posting this

    • Shely,

      Did you try downloading the files using the provided links? I will send you an email copy of them, too, but I’m just curious as to if there is a problem with the files on this post. Thanks for visiting!


  14. Hey there! Is there any way you can email the templates to me in a PDF? I don’t have Microsoft Office. I use Google. Thanks a million in advance!

    • Kaitlin,

      I definitely find that these forms help keep me organized and easily connected with parents. It’s easy to forget some things when you’re having so much fun with the kiddos!

  15. I love the layouts and printable a! I just started a nanny job and my first day is coming up and this is perfect for it! Could you send the printable

  16. Love your journal. I am having a baby in November and am going to be leaving my baby with my nanny. Please email all the printables. Thanks

  17. Hi thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been looking for a website that can help. I like the way you have everything so organized. Do you mind sending me your tamplets? It’ll be a big help thank you in advance

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