Dream House Wish List

I’ve come to the sad conclusion that I won’t be able to post any before and afters of my rooms until after my husband comes home because I’m not the handy woman I thought I was. Today, for instance, I was trying to hang curtain rods and hit a stud so hard I couldn’t drill a screw into the wall….and then maybe I stripped it a little just for good measure…whoops.

So in the name of keeping on, I’m going to give you guys my ultimate wish list for what I want in my future “forever home”. Lucky for me, J is a super handy Construction Management major who has lots of prior home building experience and can make almost all of these happen for me 🙂

For the sake of time and space on the blog, I’ll give you my number one necessity for each room of the house:

#1 Necessity: A Custom Closet


I’m a girl who loves clothes. I have a lot of them. So I have a big need for a big closet that can hold and organize my precious wardrobe. It’d be nice to have shoe organizers, a jewelry box, a full length mirror, and room to put everything while I’m getting dressed in the morning. Fashionistas, let me hear you!!

#1 Necessity: Two Showerheads

If you’re uncomfortable about truths of married life and don’t want details of my personal life, now is your time to put on your “eyemuffs” (like earmuffs for your eyes, in case you didn’t get it)

Mom, if you’re reading this…eyemuffs….

If you’ve ever showered with your significant other you know how it works…one person has to be the bigger man/woman and be the one getting the cold ricocheted water to the face…now I’m not sure about you, but when I take a shower, I like being warm. I’m not a fan of being cold. If I wanted to be cold, I’d hit the swimming pool; hence why Jeff promised me he’d put in a shower head on the opposing walls of the shower 🙂 That way, neither of us will get cold if/when we shower together because we could each control our own water temp and never be cold!

Heated Floors were a close second, p.s…..

Living Room
#1 Necessity: A Two Person Chair


This is the one thing that I’d be a-okay with purchasing rather than have Jeff make/install. One of my friends had one in Florida and it was super comfy when lounging in it alone, but it was the perfect cuddling chair when watching a movie at home with your special someone. And I do love me some cuddling!!

Laundry Room
#1 Necessity: A Custom-Made Storage Unit


I have come to terms with the fact that with my husband being in the Navy and kids in the future, ill be spending oodles and oodles of time doing laundry. All I’m asking for is palace that I can keep all of my supplies at the ready and a place to hang/put folded clothes so that everyone can pick up their stuff easily….moms, you feel me?!?!

#1 Necessity: A Bar


Now while I’m not much of a drinker, I do love entertaining. How nice would it be to have a bar in your basement that can provide snacks and drinks to dinner guests post-meal?! I’m sure that safety precautions would be taken when we have teenagers, but for now, there’s nothing prettier than a stone-front bar in my mind.

#1 Necessity: Butcher Block Countertops


I’ve got a horrible habit of cutting veggies on the surface of my counters…I know, really bad for the surface and my knives, but I just can’t help it! I’m always using my knives for something or another, so having a surface that is perfectly acceptable for me to cut on would be an awesome addition to my favorite room in our home! Not to mention the ease of making biscuits, cookies, and other rolled-dough items!

#1 Necessity: A Pergola


Who doesn’t love sitting out in the sun on a warm summer day?! I know I do! What I’m not a fan of is having to squint at the person across from me because the sun is shining directly in my face. A pergola not only helps separate a large yard, but gives a partially shaded area for relaxation!

Send me a list of your dream house items and let’s plan a strategy on how to get them done DIY style on a budget!


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