3T: Zoo Bingo

So…I don’t know if you all are just really nice people, but yesterday was Tuesday…as in Tank Top Tuesday.

I definitely wrote an Around the House/Organizing (Wednesday) post…

Thanks for taking it easy on me and not making me feel like a dummy for getting my days mixed up! This whole west coast, sunshine 24-7, playing outside all day thing has really gotten to my brain 😉

So anyways, today will be an honorary Tank Top Tuesday since yesterday I got it wrong! Today’s topic: the zoo.

A.K.A. my favorite summertime activity location.

Think about it guys! A HUGE playground (figuratively speaking) full of live animals, people, and fun! I LOVE the zoo! Here are a few things to do with the kiddos, or if you’re like me, do with adult friends, the next time you’re at your local zoo.

1. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to San Diego State University for creating and posting this awesome San Diego Zoo Scavenger Hunt!

For a general zoo scavenger hunt, check out Life as Supermom’s Zoo Scavenger Hunt Post! It’s Amazeballs too!

2. Play Zoo Bingo – ZINGO! (Kid Version and Adult Versions Below)

P.S. No one said I was mature….

Kid Version – Zingo Kids

Adult Version – Zingo Adults

3. Get some exercise!

I don’t know about you, but walking the zoo takes a lot of effort around here! There’s hills, curves, and mile long walks through some exhibits! Take advantage folks! It’s probably the most fun physical activity you’ll get that week!

Leave me a comment on your favorite zoo activity and maybe ill add it to my list with a big thank you message linked to you!


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