Saturday Adventures in Cooking

So these past two days have been extremely busy, so no Pinterest Project for me….unless you count today’s macarons, which will be shown and explained later.

And Since I missed my Fitness Friday post yesterday in all my running around, I decided to start training for a 10K with a friend of mine (and hopefully Jeff!) in a month. Be prepared for an update often!

So anyhow, It’s 8:10 pm on a warm, breezy San Diego evening. I’m sitting on the couch in a pair of Jeff’s sweatpants watching Julie & Julia with my MIL. It really is a perfect evening. Only Jeff being here could make it better.

These past two days have been filled with trips to the park, movies with friends, cleaning, and cooking. We are getting the apartment ready for Jeff to come home next week and I am so excited!

So in the name of this post being all over the place, I’m going to give you guys a run down of today as it was a roller coaster of a day:

I researched the mandates on cottage foods in San Diego. It turns out I won’t be able to sell my minis out of the house because the frosting makes it perishable…and since I refuse to use shortening in any of my cooking (trans fat?! EWW!) I won’t be able to sell my minis unless I’m selling them from my own shop. Not an option right now, obviously.

I decided to attempt making macarons. I made the plain almond macaron with Nutella filling. Here’s how it worked:




I have to admit, these were the product of my second batch, as the first ones came out big, flat, and gummy…not so good! These, however, came out wonderfully! They’re missing the signature “feet” and I can’t figure out why they don’t have them, but I’m happy with their texture and flavor!

So feel privileged that I’m announcing this here first, I’m planning on perfecting my recipes and flavors in the next few weeks and starting a macaron business! Be on the lookout for updates!

So yea, my weekend has been a melting pot of activity and will continue to be crazy this week with Jeff coming home! I can’t wait!

Happy Saturday everyone and start sending me ideas for macaron flavors! If I choose yours, ill mail you a batch to sample and critique!


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