Statement Necklace Addict

Guys, I need your help! I have a serious statement necklace addiction and I don’t know what to do!

If any of you are thinking “statement necklaces?” Here’s what I’m talking about…


And these are just five of my eighteen or so statement necklaces! That’s not even counting the small charm necklaces I have!

Here’s my dilemma(s).
1. I love having these pieces to accent my outfits, but they’re so expensive! Paying $40+ for an accessory is crazy to me, but I’m always looking for cute new ones.
2. I have about ten necklaces in my total collection that I don’t wear anymore, not because they’re out of fashion, just because I’ve worn them every way I can think of and now I’ve got newer ones that capture my interest more!

So here’s where you all come in. I need help! Leave me a comment on how to fix my dilemmas.
– Do you know of a store/retailer that sells awesome statement necklaces for under $10 a piece? I want to know about them!
– Are you interested in setting up a necklace swap and trading necklaces with me?! If so, I want your contact info!
– Know of coupons/discount that can help me and anyone with my same problems? Share them!

Comment, comment, comment guys! Lets help each other out here!

P.S. I love you guys! 100 posts?! How about we go for 100 subscribers?!!!! That’d be AMAZEBALLS!

P.P.S.Let’s keep the trades not-so-creepy here. I know many of you are true, good people, but if you have any other intentions than to trade necklaces, don’t inquire πŸ™‚

P.P.S.S. you guys rock for real! I’m so grateful for you all!


5 thoughts on “Statement Necklace Addict

  1. Not sure if you’re still having this addiction but let me tell you this, I usually get really great deals off ebay and a lot of the times retail stores carry the same items as well but charge 10x or more (I swear, they’re so cheap on ebay, you just have to be smart about keywords and prices because there are multiple listings for the same item). Recently, I dropped almost $100 on 13 necklaces! On average, that’s $7.19 per necklace. Email me if you want to hear my story and tips πŸ™‚

  2. I too have an obscene addiction to statement necklaces. There are some I don’t wear as often, but most I try to wear at least in a rotation. If it makes you feel better, I have DOZENS of them, probably close to over 30 after today’s shopping (maybe more, eek!)
    I work part time at White House Black Market and part time at a hospital when I’m home from university where casual to business casual is required, so I get a lot of use out of them. I have a couple pricier necklaces from the beginning of my addiction phase but as of late, I find a lot of necklaces that go for $30-40 on a website for less than $5 a piece on wholesale websites. I just binged on and if you look in the right places, a lot of wholesalers in China sell necklaces for dirt cheap, some as low as $2 (and I’m talking about big, colorful necklaces because of course the less-dainty, the better).
    Hope this helps, because as a poor college student, it definitely satisfied my unhealthy fashion necklace addiction, haha.

    • Jessica,

      Thanks for the tips! I love finding good sales on statement necklaces for sure! I’ve been loving Charming Charlie, although the quality isn’t as good as other higher end stores.

      Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

  3. Ok, so I’m not alone! Although my addiction is bad, I have probably over $100 and half still have tags, I can’t help it. Haha. I get a lot of mine at second hand stores! Especially places like Platos Closet the ones near my house generally price them $5-$10 for awesome branded necklaces! Hope this helps!

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