Master Bedroom: Before & After

It’s been almost four weeks since I moved into our new apartment and Jeff is coming home tomorrow! There is still something missing from each room, but since this one comes with a story, I’ll give you guys our first Before & After room post!

This was our Master Bedroom before



And this is our Master Bedroom after





As you can see, besides changing the bedding, the biggest change is the photos and canvases on the walls. I wanted our Master Bedroom to be a calm sanctuary that was just for Jeff and I. Surrounding ourselves by our wedding pictures and quote canvases will be a great reminder of the best day of our lives thus far.

The quote canvases are a DIY project I did where I used white puffy paint to write out one to two lines of each song that was played during our ceremony:
“All You Need is Love” (nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…)
“I’m Yours” (look into your heart and you will find love, love, love)
“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (and the dreams that you dreamed of; dreams really do come true)
“How Sweet It Is (To be Loved By You)” (for me there’s you and there ain’t nobody else)

So now onto the fun story…The color palette was originally White, Gray, and Blush, but has turned into White, Gray, and Coral…so what’s coral in the room you might ask? Great question! The answer is also the answer to the question “what’s still missing in this room?”…

If you guessed the curtains, you’re right! If you didn’t guess it, go back and look at the glare from the two big windows on every picture frame 🙂

So here’s the story with the curtains…never did I ever think that buying curtains would be so difficult! First I couldn’t find any blush colored curtains since I wanted a “nude/blush” color. Then, when I finally found these awesome curtains at Lowe’s and ordered them online, they said they’d send them to the store, but then retracted the order because the company put the color on “temporary suspension”.


What? Did the curtains miss curfew?! What does “temporary suspension” even mean?!

Oh, that’s right. It means we still have no curtains after four weeks of searching… oh well! Such is life, right? Who needs curtains anyways 😉

As soon as we finally get curtains in the room, ill update you all, but for now, enjoy the remodel!


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