3T: Dog Park Fun!

Hey ya’ll! Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was full of errands and J’s first day back at work so we were busy, busy, busy! Needless to say, I figured you guys wouldn’t want to see the old shorts and an old Staff tee I was rocking all day yesterday in a fashion post 🙂

Today’s Tank Top Tuesday post is about having fun with your pooch! Atlas is pretty much the only little guy that will be in my life in the near future, so we take trips to the park much like you parents would take your kiddos! Lately, Atlas has been loving the beach and open water!

I highly suggest you take your pup to the nearest dog beach/park for three simple reasons:

1. It helps their socialization. Proper socialization = a better behaved pup!
2. It’s a great source of exercise for their bodies! A healthy body will extend their lives to spend with you!
3. It makes them do this….


Here are a few pictures from Atlas’s latest adventure to Coronado Beach Dog Park!

IMG_2111IMG_2125 IMG_2117

Get out there and take your dog to the park!!


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