Announcements Galore!

A quick post before bedtime guys:

1. Tomorrrow I will be posting my Wednesday and Thursday Posts. And I have curtains for the Master Bedroom!! Horribly lit picture, but exciting, I know šŸ™‚ Better daylight pics to come tomorrow!


2. Atlas ate a mini tennis ball yesterday, keeping us at the vet/emergency vet all day today. Luckily for us, right before we were about to sign paperwork for them to surgically remove it (and charging us thousands of dollars), he puked it up. Not pretty, but saved us a bunch of money and him a bunch of pain! Win, Win!


Also, the reason for why I haven’t posted anything as of today like I had intended…

3. I opened an Etsy shop today and will be selling some cool Arts&Crafts and Planning stuff if any of you are interested! That is where I will also post any freebies that I feature on the blog and start setting up cool giveaways! I only have one item up as of now, but more will come in the next week or so!


4. I’m exhausted and headed to bed.

5. You guys rock! For real!

Goodnight all šŸ™‚ Hope you all had a (less?) eventful day than I did!


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