Inexpensive Workout Apparel

My husband is awesome.

He works full time, he helps out around the house, and he eats my trial recipes even when they don’t turn out as planned. How lucky am I?! I know, super lucky 🙂

I think the thing I have been valuing the most in him lately, though, is his ability to be patient with me.

Recently I have been working on a fitness plan that will enable me to be able to run a 5K without stopping; something I have yet to accomplish. I’ve run plenty of 5Ks before, but have always stopped to walk at a fast pace because of bridges, cramps, or just being tired part of the way through.

He told me today, though, while on a walk that if I  really want to achieve my goal of running a 5K nonstop, he will help me. How sweet, right? He knows a bunch about running having had to run so often during ROTC, so he’s kind of an expert and a good running coach. I figure, with his help, I will achieve my goal by the end of September. (I’m a stubborn person who is not the best at pushing myself to the limit…I really don’t like the thought of puking after a run, so it stops me short a lot!)

Now all I’ve been thinking about is getting the right gear to help me achieve my goal. I’ve got three pairs of running shorts that I absolutely love and a few sweat-wicking shirts that keep me nice and dry, but having received many of these things as gifts during the holidays, I began to research workout apparel and never really realized how expensive the stuff can be! $52.00 for a lululemon sports bra?! I’m working on a budget here people!

What I’m going to do for you guys is feature three more affordable, but still durable, brands of athletic wear. I will be showing you a sports bra, top, and bottom from each collection and list their prices. Try them out and let me know what you think!

Brand #1: Old Navy
No, for real! They have some great workout wear from $10-$25 a piece! SCORE!

b c a

Sports Bra ($10 SALE here)  —  Semi-Fitted Tank ($14.94 here)   —   Cropped Compression Pant ($22.94 here)

Brand #2: Target
This is, by far, my favorite store. Period. But I especially love their running shorts since they work for girls with larger hips/thighs.

c b a

Sports Bra ($14.99 here)   —   Long Sleeve Power Workout Tee ($12.99 here)   —   Running Shorts ($16.99 here)

Brand #3: Athleta
A part of the GAP brand companies, this is the most expensive of the options, but shop clearance and you’re bound to find great deals like these!

c a b

Printed Alexis Bra ($24.99 SALE here)   —   Bindi Layer Tank ($29.99 SALE here)   —   Soliton Yoga Tights ($29.99 SALE here)


2 thoughts on “Inexpensive Workout Apparel

  1. Also, TJ Maxx ALWAYS has really food brand name workout clothes really cheap! I’m talking $5-$15 sometimes. And they have a ton of Underarmour, Nike, Addidas, and so on…

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