Big News Update!

Here we go guys! This crazy week(end) is finally winding down and a bunch of exciting things have been happening here in the VC household!

1. We have finally found the decor for our guest bathroom that we have been looking for! All I want to know is why no one has ever told me about HomeGoods before?!?! It was our first time in and we found everything we had spent the past two months looking for in more expensive retail stores! If you remember, the theme for our bathroom was Old Sailing Ship. Cue in the rope/wood hanging lanterns, the nautical chart and wooden pulleys.




2. We bought a new Truck! J is super excited as am I! He deserves something nice and new for working so hard!


3. My Etsy shop has been taking off a bit over the past few days! In celebration, I have created a new logo for the shop. We are hoping that between this and my other hobbies, we can help boost our budget 🙂


So as you can see we have been super busy around here with everything going on and with that, Popsicles have been moved until tomorrow!

Leave me a comment with what you’ve been up to! You guys have a great week!


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