Nanny Fashion

So as you guys know, I just started nannying full time. I am LOVING it, but I am definitely missing the traditions of teaching: the beginning of the year conferences, setting up a classroom, meeting all of my new students, and most of all dressing up!

Now while I loved Casual Fridays most out of the week, I do miss having an occasion to wear any of my 12 pencil skirts and cute blouses! Since I am nannying, I have been trying to find ways to incorporate some cute into my comfy.

I have found that the following things are necessary when nannying for an infant, in terms of clothing:

1. Super soft, vintage-y tees are a must! The softer the fabric, the better. My little one, E, loves to nestle her head into my shoulder before naptime and scratchy but cute tops are hard on her delicate skin. These Homage tees and Banana Republic tees are great!

c a b

2. A scoop neck or low scoop neckline is an ultimate infant-soother! The skin-to-skin contact is integral to their attachment/bonding, but, being the nanny, I’m not about to get down to just a thin tank. Not so professional! Low scoop necks provide me an opportunity to give E the warmth she desired while protecting my modesty. I love my tanks from Target. They’re pretty standard, but are constantly on sale for $7! I have about 10 different colors!

a b c

3. Stretchy, high back jeans are cute and comfortable. Now while these will come in handy more when E is a toddler and moving, I get down on the floor with her during tummy time and do this horribly awkward, but effective lunging move to soothe her when she is crying. These pairs from The Gap (L) and Levis (R) are awesome!

a b

4. A pair of comfy shoes is a make or break. Now while I’m usually barefoot in the house (wood floors + socks = dangerous while holding a baby), when I take E out on walks, I need some footwear that will show my style while not causing blisters! These TOMS-inspired kicks and my favorite flats from Target are great choices on the cheap!

a b

I’m all about keeping it comfy and cute as I know I am representing my little E’s family when I take her for walks and talk to the neighbors. Here’s a good example of what I’d wear to work, complete with diaper bag and stroller! Nix the necklace and you’ve got a great outfit that screams cute, but practical!


Let me know what you think or if you have any great fashion finds that fit the nanny-bill!


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