Garage Organization

Today little E spent 2.5 hours napping in the morning so it gave me a ton of time to think about what I wanted to blog about. I know I still have a few more rooms in our house to show you, but I totally forgot to take pictures of guest room while there was still some natural light…

However, in the hour I spent pinning amazing things, I came upon this great article for tips to help organize your garage. I know growing up, our garage was organized, but home to many of our toys as well as my dad’s tools, his motorcycle, and my mom’s car. If a basketball went flying, most likely it was going to get stuck or burst. Not so fun! Today, our garage has just enough room for my car and J’s tools. I’ll get around to showing you all that room soon enough 🙂

To give you guys some great ideas on how to organize your garage, shoot on over to to read about 28 Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas. They really are inventive and useful!


In the name of being exhausted, I’m headed to bed, but I’d love to hear which of the ideas was your favorite! Mine is a tie between #3 and #8!


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