Cupcake Tasting Results!

Phew! Yesterday was a big day! I never realized how exhausting having a free cupcake tasting would be!

Jeff and I got up at 7 a.m. and started cranking out minis (I did all of the baking, he helped with the bacon, lining muffin pans, and running to grocery twice for me! What a sweetie!) It took me until 1 p.m. to get it all finished, but that’s not so bad considering I made 24 dozen minis from scratch, both cake and frosting!

We headed up to our apartment’s Sky Lounge at 1:30 to set up and were planning on staying from 2-4…we ended up staying until 6:30, however, since people were still trickling in from the complex! We ended up having leftovers (crazy, right?!) but all in all I think it went well.

Our Flavors that we put out for the tasting included:

  • Signature Vanilla
  • Signature Chocolate
  • Red Velvet
  • Strawberry Patch
  • Sugared Lemon
  • Upside-down-Rightside-up
  • Smores
  • PB&J
  • Chocolate Espresso
  • Maple Bacon
  • Margarita

The biggest hits were the Chocolate Espresso, Upside-down-Rightside-up, and Strawberry Patch, but it seemed like everyone enjoyed each one they tried and many people are already talking about putting in orders! How exciting!

Here’s what our set-up looked like:



IMG_2428 IMG_2427 IMG_2426

IMG_2429 IMG_2432 IMG_2431

IMG_2434 IMG_2433

I cannot tell you guys enough how exciting it is to see my hobby start to resemble a business! We are going to be spending the rest of this calendar year doing what we can to get the business established and hopefully seeing it reach for the stars!

If you’re curious about the company, check out our facebook fan page. If you happen to live in San Diego, feel free to order!

Forgive my totally self-centered post today. I am just so excited! I’d love to hear if you’ve ever pursued a passion like this and turned it into a paying endeavor! Leave me a comment! I’m inspired by all small business owners!


One thought on “Cupcake Tasting Results!

  1. I too am trying to start a cake business! I have made around 7 wedding cakes and a few specialty cakes. However, it is hard branching out. This is great to see you do what you did! I’ll have to read your other posts to see how you got this tasting gig 🙂

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