New Puppy!

Sorry about being absent all weekend everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying time with friends and loved ones if you were fortunate enough to have a 3-day weekend!

The reason I’ve missed my blog posts is because Jeff and I rescued a new puppy from the Humane Society this weekend!

Meet Rhea (pronounced rye-ah)!


Rhea is a shar pei mix puppy that was born at the shelter 2 months ago. Her mom was able to stay with her and her siblings for the first month before a wonderful family took in the pups for foster. After she and her sisters were spayed, they were back in the shelter.


Jeff and I had intended to go look and see what was available as we had been talking about getting Atlas a sibling since I moved out to San Diego. Little did we know, we would fall in love with Rhea. We went home to get Atlas so they could meet and see if they would be a good match.

I have never seen Atlas be so protective and caring towards such a little puppy and we instantly knew it was fate.


Needless to say I will be keeping you all updated on how she is doing every step of her way to adulthood!



2 thoughts on “New Puppy!

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