New Tuesdays and Puppy Corner

Hi guys!

Yesterday I spent all day thinking about what on Earth I could use as my new Tuesday topic since I haven’t had any suggestions. I would love if you all could put in a comment “vote” for the idea you like best:

1. Topic Train – Every Tuesday I will take some current event topics in the news and give my opinion. I love being informed and having lively, respectful debates, so this one would be extremely open for commenting and sharing!

2. Tuesday Tester – I will review a product that I use. You will get the good, the bad, and the ugly of home, personal care, pet, clothing, and grocery products.

As for today, I will be talking about our Puppy Corner!

Since having Rhea, we have dealt with a few big changes and have needed to buy another crate for her to sleep in. We knew we wanted hers to be right next to Atlas’s so she would not get anxious while we were at work.

We still have some work to do, but its coming along nicely! Eventually we are going to put up a small corner shelf to hold one of our surround sound speakers and a tribute statue for the pups. I’ll make sure to do a complete “before and after” post with pictures when we are done!

Here is some inspiration for your home if you would like to create a space especially for your dogs!

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