How to Have My Cake and Eat it Too?

Over the last two days I have been stuck in a negative thinking rut. If you know anything about me, you’d know that I try to stay positive 99% of the time. I have my bad days every now and then, but can usually snap myself out of it in an hour or so and change my mood around. The past two days have not been that way.

Here’s what’s weighing so heavily on my mind:
With my current job, I’m making about half of what I was teaching. Now, let it be known that I absolutely adore my current job nannying. Also I’m emotionally invested in this family, having taken care of their little one for two months. I work 40 hours a week, and I love every minute of it!


In order to help reach our financial goals, however, I need to be making at least $500-$1000 more per month. That means I either need to find a work-from-home position that I can work on while the little one is napping/at night when I’m home, or quit this job to find a higher paying one.

Here are the pros and cons to both:

Working from Home
– Would not have to quit nannying
– Flexible hours
– Can be completed while I am at work (during nap times) or in the evenings

– It’s so hard to find a legit work-from-home job!
– Adds even more working hours to my schedule
– Not in my fields of interest; most are data-entry or transcribing. I don’t hate these fields, but I don’t have experience in them.

Getting a Different Job
– Higher pay
– 40 Hour work weeks
– More time to spend with J and the pups
– Financial Goals reached faster

– Having to quit nannying (which I LOVE)
– not being able to see the little one as often/if ever
– Leaving the family to find another nanny, when I know they feel 100% confident about leaving their little one with me

What do you guys think? Any suggestions or advice? Do any of you work from home? What do you do? Do any of you monetize your blog and how did you do it?

Leave me a comment!


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