Changes up ahead!

Hey guys! Thanks to all of you who “liked” my past two posts! It’s a scary thing putting your worries out there, but its nice to see that some people can either relate or appreciate the reality that is our economy!

So (kinda) big news: Jeff and I have decided that we can definitely “have our cake” even if we can’t eat it… If that doesn’t make sense to you, check out this post first.

We have decided (drumroll please!) that we will be moving apartments! Although we need to talk to our management to see what the penalty is for breaking our lease, we will either be moving in March (when our lease is up) or sooner (if there is little penalty)!

Needless to say I’ve been scoping out less expensive areas to live and have seen that some people are renting out their condos/townhomes/houses for as little as $800-$1200 a month! That would mean we are not only saving up to $1600 a month on rent, but gaining more space and, in some cases, getting a small yard for the pups to play in!

And we all know how much they love to play…




Plus, if we can find that cheap of rent, I can not only keep nannying for my amazing family, but I won’t have to pick up another part time job! Woo-hoo for keeping my personal time!


For those of you who did the math and are still gasping at the thought of paying $2000+ for rent, you feel my pain of living in this beautiful city!

Anyhow, Quite a bit of intense thought and discussion has gone into this decision, but for the overall goal of paying down debt and enjoying quality time together as a couple, we have put the final stamp of approval on the moving idea!

I’m not looking forward to the packing and moving process (especially because the Navy moved us last time and now I’m spoiled 😉 ) but I am extremely excited about keeping my job and working towards our #1 goal!


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