Starting my Healthy Living Journey

Over the past four years I have been battling my want to be fit and healthy and my love for everything junk food. When I moved back home after college, my sister and mom had joined Weight Watchers and had the whole house filled with healthy eats and recipes.

At that point, I was at my highest weight, 150. Now I realize for some people, that doesn’t seem large, but for my height, it left me out of breath and feeling unconfident. Following with their eating plan, I easily lost 13 pounds without doing one bit of physical activity.


I stayed around 137 pounds for a long time, gaining or losing 2-3 pounds at a time. When Jeff proposed, I ended up moving to Florida and started walking/running 5K races with friends. Before the wedding, I was at about 132 pounds and feeling great! My body felt strong and for the first time ever, I felt semi-confident in a bathing suit at the beach!


On the day of our wedding, I weighed 135, but things quickly turned around as I started to allow myself more “cheats” and kept saying “as long as I stay under 140, I’m good.”


In January of this year, I began my crazy 6-month journey while Jeff was in training, moving 3 times and living with a friend, then on my own, and all while taking care of a puppy, working full time, and not tracking what I put into my body. I stopped running, although I kept mildly active with Atlas, but my body lost all of its endurance and strength.

Fast forward to today, I am between 142-145 pounds and looking to get down to 125-130. For me, weight loss is less about the numbers and more about how I feel in my clothes. I’m tired of being too self-conscious to go to the pool. I’m tired of being tired all the time. I’m tired of my clothes making me feel like a sausage 🙂


My biggest challenge, however, is that I’m a big foodie. I love food! I love fatty, flavorful, and fried foods. I especially love ice cream and sweets (see below). When I was at my best before the wedding, I didn’t allow myself any cheats and constantly felt deprived. I gave myself such a hard time when I’d give into my cravings and eat something “bad”. I won’t do that this time.


Here’s my plan:

1. Clock in at least 5 miles of activity daily. I have recently started taking a mile and a half walk with my little one at work each morning. Jeff and I also take about a mile and a half walk with the pups each night before bed. That means I need to fit in another 2 miles of movement in my everyday movement or with additional walking. I’m not promising that ill be running all of the time, but I figure 5 miles is still 5 miles in working my leg muscles and getting my heart rate into the “fat burn” zone.

2. Eat what I want, but within reason. If I want something fried, I can have one piece. If I want sweets, I can have a low-cal option (like Skinny Cow!) or eat just one portion. I’m not going to give myself grief because I won’t be “falling off the wagon”. I also plan on increasing my produce, whole grains, and lean proteins and keeping healthy snacks around the house/at work so I’m not tempted to eat those bad foods.

3. Weigh myself every 15 days instead of every day. That way I won’t obsess over the small daily changes.

What do you do to keep yourself on a healthy track?

Leave me a comment or “like” this post if you want to join in on a healthy living journey with me!


3 thoughts on “Starting my Healthy Living Journey

  1. You can do it Sis! I’ve been back on WW for a couple weeks & this morning I weighed in at 140.6 . . . You’ve got this!! – Fellow Sweets LOVER

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