I’m Back!

Hey guys! Remember me? It’s so good to be back!

If you’ve missed posts, it’s because I predominately use the WordPress App to compile my posts; if you guys are like me, when I get home from work, it’s hard to squeeze in any alone time between chores and taking care of your family. Since I am lucky enough to have built-in alone time at work (re: nap time), I use my iPad to write. Somehow, though, my WordPress App has been frozen over the past two weeks, resulting in me not being able to figure it out to post!

So here’s some of what’s been going on in our world:

We are officially house hunting! After talking with our bank, we realized that we can not only afford a house right now, but our mortgage will be about $600 less a month than our rent! Woo-hoo! We are going to see our first house viewing tonight!

In other news:


The pups have officially become inseparable.


Rhea is battling a bout of itchiness that we think is attributed to an over abundance of yeast in the cute little folds of her skin. We are on a mission to make her more comfortable with baths, and some antibacterial gel.


Jeff and I attended the Navy Birthday Ball. Super fun and a great reason to get all dolled up!


I made my first ever pumpkin pie after taking a trip to Julian, CA and getting in the fall spirit! I have some tweaking to do to make it my own, but as soon as I have it perfected I’ll be sharing it with all of you!

Also, for all of you who have been requesting copies of my DIY nanny binder, I will be updating that post with the files as soon as I have a spare minute to get on my desktop!

Thanks for sticking with me through the chaos!


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