Healthy Living Update + Starting Stats

Happy Friday and First of November! Can you believe it’s November already?! I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween yesterday and are ready to work off some of that Halloween candy!

Here’s the deal: I’m starting a challenge with myself today and was wondering who might be interested in starting it with me. It’s super simple, great for beginners, and doesn’t take long to complete; kind of a no-excuses type plan.

Here’s how it works:
Clock at least 1 mile of walking/jogging/running per day.

Take your little kiddos in a stroller, take a post-dinner walk with your spouse or older kids and talk about your days, or clear your head with some alone time. Make it more of a “communication date” than exercise in your head if you have to. Feel free to go longer! I take a 1.5 mile walk with “E” every day at work and then usually go for a walk with Jeff and the pups after dinner. It’s a great way for us to wind down and reconnect after work.

Choose ONE of the following challenges

Do 10 sit-ups today. I’m talking the full sit-ups, not crunches.
Tomorrow do 20, Sunday do 30, so on and so forth. Each day, add 10 more.

Do 10 push-ups today. It’s ok if you do modified push-ups on your knees.
Tomorrow do 20, then 30, and so on.

Do 10 lunges for each leg today. That means 10 with your right leg and 10 with your left
Same as above, 20 on Saturday, 30 Sunday, etc., etc,

Do 10 squats today. I want 90 degree chair squats!
And you guessed it! 20 on Saturday, etc. etc.

For all of these challenges, once you hit 100 reps for the day, choose another challenge to add to your current one. i.e. if I start with the Butt Challenge, once I hit 100 reps (10 days), on day 11 I will do 110 squats plus 10 sit-ups (or push-ups, or lunges, depending on which challenge I start next).
Keep in mind, when you get into the higher number reps, you do not have to do them all at once! Split them up throughout your day. Or go Beast-Mode and do them consecutively…consider yourself high-fived if you do it that way 🙂

Got it? Good! I’ll be here to support you through it all!

If you want to join me, post a comment below with your starting weight (if you’re comfortable sharing it) and what challenge you want to start with and check back in with progress reports.

Good luck guys! I know you can do it!

Starting Weight: 143.4
Challenge #1: Butt – 10 squats today! Lets do this!


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