Weekend Fun – Dating in Marriage

Hi guys! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

This weekend was full of surprises as Jeff and I decided to spend a bit of quality time together and go on a couple “dates”.

We go out to dinner a bunch and try to do something fun on the weekends, but with it being football season, most of our “fun” is centered around when The Game is on. After our game this Saturday, I told Jeff that I wanted to go on a date. I would plan it, choose everything involved, and make the necessary arrangements as long as he would watch the pups while I got ready (a pretty fair compromise, no?)

Well since we couldn’t do much of what I wanted on Saturday night because of travel time and planning necessary, Jeff did me one better by choosing a great place for dinner Saturday and left me all of Sunday as my date to plan. So on Saturday night we made reservations at a restaurant called Bali Hai, a Polynesian restaurant on the bay front here in San Diego. The view was impeccable and the food was delicious! It was crowded inside, and not wanting to look odd, I fought my urge to take photos of all of our food and the scenery 🙂 I did, however, get a nighttime view of the bay and downtown outside before we went in. Pictures cannot do that view justice.


On Sunday, instead of spending time at home cranking out Onion Strings as expected, I drove us out to Temecula, which is a city known for its wineries about an hour north of San Diego. There, we visited two wineries, Danza del Sol and Pontè. Both had beautiful vineyards and delicious wine.





Our view from lunch was beautiful and little did we know, a wedding was being set up on the grounds directly in front of our table! What a beautiful location for a wedding on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

What did you do this weekend? Go on any fun and unique dates around your city?


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