Veterans Day – Thank You!

Happy Veterans Day!

I hope everyone had had a moment to reflect upon what today means and had an opportunity to thank a veteran whether it be in person, on the phone, or over social media.

For my family, every day is Veterans Day. Living the life of a military spouse is not easy, but rewarding in so many ways. And with that I not only say “Thank You” to all veterans past and present and active duty military, but to their families.

Being the one who stays at home while their significant other serves our country has been said to be “the hardest job in the military”: and not by us who live it, but by those who are serving. I know Jeff constantly feels bad for being away when he hears of things not going well at home with our pups, or me being stressed out with everything I have to take ownership of when he is gone. For me, him being gone isn’t fun, but its not the worst thing ever either. It all depends on your attitude, though I do appreciate that so many people recognize the fact that being a military family member is sometimes just as difficult as being an active duty service member.

So on this Veterans Day, I am not only proud of my Veteran, but of all veterans and their families for sacrificing their “normal lives” to be a part of what keeps this country safe.

Thank you!



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